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Interviewing & Key Things to Remember Before

An interview is your perfect opportunity to explore a company for suitability for both professional, financial and personal growth reasons. Your initial interest in finding a new role requires level of research and focused interaction to gauge whether the company and role is the right place for you. Tough interviewing panels can sometimes distract and derail your focus and reason for being interviewed in the first place; producing a lesser that desired outcome and a no win situation, read on for ways to plan for the best interview approach so you are in the driving seat each time.

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Our Story

Latitude was formed by a small collective experienced senior recruitment consultants and delivery manager, interested in delivering a more intrinsic and customer and candidate centric consultancy. These similar core values residing around integrity, exceptional customer service, problem solving and business partnering defined the core values of Latitude IT. Motivated to assist clients to solve their resourcing problems across business transformation Digital and ICT by saving time and offering value for money service is demonstrated by long term view, market reputation and repeat candidate and customer engagement. Latitude is interested in your business, ways we can help you grow or partner with through our network to disrupt your business, build new products or simply hire the best people from our network.

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The Total Experience

Company profile, branding and your value proposition for a prospective new candidate is critical to attracting the best talent in the market. Simple measures can be considered when you are working through your hiring process. The importance of the candidate experience when requesting to meet new talent can be undervalued. Maintaining consistent and timely engagement with thorough feedback for new talent will raise your business profile as a positive and considerate place of employment.

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