The Total Experience

Keeping up the Company & Candidate Experience

Company profile, branding and your organisation's value proposition for a prospective new candidate is critical to attracting the best talent in the market. Simple measures can be considered when you are working through a hiring process. The importance of the candidate experience when requesting to meet new talent can be overlooked and undervalued. Maintaining the same engagement with new talent will raise the profile of your business providing a reputation of being one of the best places to work. First impressions do count and can have lasting effects, a bad experience or opinion is often shared with family, friends even competitors after a candidate has long finished the interview. If your company does not offer feedback on resume review through to interview feedback through to delayed offers, these things as minor as they seem can create negative dialogue about your business that could be damaging to your brand and potentially a highly regarded place work.

Key things to consider when interviewing new talent for your business:

The interview should be treated with the same level of consideration and courtesy as if you are about to engage a new customer, internal stakeholder, existing client or vendor. This met with committing to providing a level of service and commitment to what you've set out to do. For a candidate, even the smallest amount of feedback is better than radio silence. It is easy to get bogged down with meeting many candidates and not having the time to offer feedback, however a brief reply as simple as it may be will ensure the candidate has been acknowledged for their interest in your business and for their time. If you are seen as not taking the time to provide feedback as simple as it may seem, will damage your reputation as most will expect some feedback good or bad. Candidate feedback closes the process so they can move on, not wondering how they went after all or creating a negative complex for never succeeding in a role and learning from the interview process. Ideally, feedback should be given no longer than five business days after an interview; any longer is disappointing and disheartening to a candidate when they are motivated to find a new job within your company.

When candidates are active in the market, the word soon spreads if the interview process was inadequate or if the meeting was canceled at the last minute and no reasons were provided. It is common for change requisitions and budgets to be cut at the last minute, this is understandable, however, needs to be advised your consultant to let represented candidates know what is going on. Talent is likely to re-engage with your business at a later date if they were forewarned and provided with a reason for why things are cancelled rather than thinking they were scratched from the shortlist. Either way sharing of this information can buy you time and save your brand reputation again for being considerate of the candidates you've shown interest in meeting.

Timeline, it is important to set a hiring timeline for your business unit through to the final offer, which may be managed by you or your HR department. Top talent on the market interviewing for various roles won’t stick around if the onboarding process is lengthy, or doesn't happen weeks after an interview. Speed to advise candidates of internal bottlenecks for an offer will only reduce the chances of the candidate losing interest due to knowing what is happening to them. Interviews and lining all stakeholders up to find out your preferred candidate has bailed out for another role is a complete waste of time which costs you money in the long run. An offer process greater than 1 to 2 weeks after interview increases the chances of the candidate taking another offer or losing interest completely and withdrawing.

Simple measures will ensure your company brand remains strong and untainted and will avoid candidates sharing their negative experiences via social media and with their peers or friends. With a little care, you will showcase your company in a very positive light as a great place to work due to the consideration you offer all people you engage.

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